Who need Wayne OS?

No matter you are an individual, education, SW company, enterprise, HW manufacturer, Wayne OS is suitable for any user who is interested to turn your existing PC into a simple, fast, secure with easy maintenance device! ReferenceWhat is Wayne OS? (pros & cons)Download linkHow to Install Wayne OSHow to Start Wayne OS

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Individual - Recycle slow pc with portable os
80 %
Education - alternative for Chromebook
90 %
Web/SW provider - embed service in OS
70 %
HW Manufacturer - new device with web OS
70 %


Easy to Use

Simple, no installation, no reformat, friendly Chrome UI & UX
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No virus. Secure your personal data information on public PC
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Free download for individual, school, company, government, public & you!
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Fast, no slowing down like Windows. Keep the same speed
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Cost Saving

Recycle your old & slow PC like new with Wayne
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Dual Functionalities

Use your USB flash drive as Wayne OS and storage
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Bring OS anywhere with USB flash drive, plug on PC
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Based on the same architecture with Google Chrome OS open-source
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USB Storage
Wayne OS Screenshot




Free Version


USB Version


Intellectual Property


Best Topics

WAYNE-OS-FREE-1Q20 has been released!

WAYNE-OS-FREE-1Q20 has been released!

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What is Wayne OS? (Pros & Cons)

What is Wayne OS? (Pros & Cons)

Wayne OS is a PC operating system based on Chromium OS; an open-source of Google Chrome OS that is popular in US education market.  Wayne... Read More
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It's cost and time saving much more than we have ever expected. It offers more OS stability than we had from Windows, no more update needed it is very affordable!...
Dimitri Radytha- CEO, Founder of Seeing Beyond Words
Dimitri Radytha- CEO, Founder of Seeing Beyond Words